New Bar: The Suburbs.

I went to Hoole tonight!

I don’t do that often, If I want to go to the Sticky Walnut it’s worth the journey(the food is amazing!), or sometimes the Brom or the Faulkner but tonight was the opening night of the The Suburbs!


I live in the centre of town so the walk  this night was through the rain, and My god was it worth it!

The Suburbs is one more very compelling reason to get out to the burbs, it’s a five minute walk for God’s sake.


When I arrived it was jammed! I was waiting nearly five minutes at the three deep bar and one of the owners, Kingdom saw this, asked me what I wanted, and gave me a Sauvignon, he apologised for the wait and gave me the wine for free.(At this point he had no idea I was here to review). Nice touch!

The Sauvignon was very good. I have a Sauvignon scale which I will explain in a later article, and this one was very good.


The place itself looks fantastic, I would expect no less from these guys, they are professionals from top to toe. They are competing with no-one, they are a long awaited addition to the Hoole community.

The bar is owned by Kingdom(ex GM of Bar Lounge), Nick(four years at Bar Lounge and two years running a successful bar in Manchester) and Shaun(Head Bartender at Bar Lounge until January).

Anyone who knows the bar scene in Chester knows that the the training at Bar Lounge is second to none, these guys are among the best qualified in town to do this!

I wrote a review of Kuckoo at the beginning of the summer which ended with, “watch out Barlounge, the bar has just been raised”, and you know what?

BarLounge raised their own already very high bar bar with a refurb and a frankly superb new cocktail menu and now, ex Bar Lounge people have just given us a bar which would honestly be at home in Hoxton or Shorditch!

I really can’t speak more highly of this newcomer to Hoole, this is progress.

For images check out

Also don’t forget the lovely Izzy grey.

Lucien grey (no relation to Izzy, lovely as she is)

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